Australian Outsider Art …..All for sale by emailing – Pay By PAYPAL

July 20, 2007


Anice collection of Australian Aboriginal Memorabillia two small table covers two carved

Boab nuts a carved and painted digging stick, a didgeridoo and a 2007 callender. A great

pack for a future collector of australian aboriginal items.


Lovely Australian Bush Scene


Magnificent colourful dot painting with Kangaroo insets


Beautiful two canvas landscape of the Australian Bush


Beautiful circled landscape and dot painted coverage with bush tucker


ULURU (Ayers Rock) with two of its indigenous ihabitants


Beautifully professionally cured and tanned Kangaroo skin painted

incredibly by the artist depicting the six seasons of the aboriginal year.

Artist A.B. Collard. A once in a lifetime piece of artistry.


ULURU The centre of Australia (Ayers Rock)

Australia in the colours of the indigienus flag

AUSTRALIA Some inhabitants and weapons


Beautiful Dot Painting by artist……………… PIRUP

dot painting

Butterflies and Parrot and excellent dot painting

dot painting and landscape

Painting of ULURU in the centre circle with wonderful dot painted coverage

Bush Tucker

BUSH TUCKER This a beautiful painting of the natural food that can be found

available in the bush. The word tucker is a general term for food used but most



ULURU The red rock with all its guardian spirits

bush tree

A beautiful colourful framed painting of a bush tree